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Saturviit has produced several reports resulting from events we have hosted and research we have conducted. These publications present the needs and perspectives of Inuit women who are often affected by injustice, discrimination, and violence in particular ways that need to be better understood and have responses that are culturally-relevant that lead to the well-being of the whole family.

It is well known that Northern communities, like other Aboriginal reserves, are in Canada among the ones most affected by all kinds of social problems. For decades, they have shown the highest rates of suicide, dropout, family violence, alcoholism, and so on. This reality is not so easy to comprehend and even harder to handle. Unfortunately, too many Canadians are unaware that the current situation is directly connected to still very recent colonial history; nor do they understand how it has impacted individuals and families.

This booklet on Justice in Nunavik Communities was published in 2018. It intends to offer a broader understanding of what justice mean in Nunavik, offering Inuit perspectives on social harmony and resources to help resolve conflicts related to the justice system. The purpose of the publication is to help women build confidence in their ability to govern themselves and maintain harmony in their families and communities. 

This report presents the results of a project initiated by Saturviit Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik in the wake of the pan-Canadian movement to conduct a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada.


Available for free

Saturviit has produced 2 DVDs that are prevention tools to be used in the context of a prevention or healing activity. One DVD addresses family violence and the other addresses alcoholism. Both DVDs contain testimonies of Inuit women about their own experiences, healing journeys, and advice that provide hope and inspiration to other women to see that peace and well-being can be restored in our communities.


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Since 2011, Saturviit has made available up to $3,000 for each Nunavik community, including Inuit communities in southern Quebec, for actions that make women’s lives better. Projects can be for activities that raise awareness, that promote equality between men and women, that encourage healthy life styles, or other positive actions. Nunavik women and girls have initiated and participated in many workshops that have been supported by Saturviit. Activities have promoted intergenerational activities such as sewing workshops to learn beading and making sealskins kamiiks, and youth camps and exchanges that support discussions about bullying, suicide prevention, and building healthy relationships. Saturviit encourages women to develop new projects, events, and workshops that support the wellbeing of women, girls, and communities.

To apply to the Community projects funding program, download and complete the application form and send it by fax, mail or email. An activity report will be expected at the end of the project. The form can be downloaded as well.