Inuit Women's Association

Women at the heart of our mission

Why do we exist?

Saturviit Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik represents all Inuit women of Nunavik aged 16 and over who are JBNQA beneficiaries. As a regional not-for-profit organization, Saturviit strives to be the voice for Nunavik women and to represent their well-being and interests. Saturviit reaches out to Nunavik’s 14 communities and to Inuit women who have migrated south. We have a Board of Directors representing the different regions and communities of Nunavik.

During the summer of 2005, Inuit women came from each of Nunavik’s 14 communities and from the south to meet at Qilalagaq Camp near Puvirnituq, where they discussed issues they felt were important to their communities: parenting, child abuse, suicide, education, language, healing, and violence. They recommended the creation of a women’s association to strengthen the voice of Nunavik women. Saturviit, Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik was created in 2006 with the mandate to promote the interests of women in Nunavik. One of the first actions of Saturviit was to declare a Manifesto to stop violence.

What do we do?

Our organization encourages women to take positive actions to improve their own social and economic well-being. It advocates at the regional and provincial level for programs and services to promote healthy women, children, and families.

Saturviit provides financial contribution and support to local women’s groups to carry out community projects and events. It undertakes regional projects and activities that respond to Inuit women’s concerns and interests. Saturviit also represents Nunavik women in an advisory role at the regional, national, and international levels.

Represent Inuit women of Nunavik in the national, provincial and regional meeting

Our mandate

Saturviit is the Inuit women’s association of Nunavik and is a non-profit organization representing all Inuit women aged 16 and over. Its mandate is to give voice to Inuit women of Nunavik. Saturviit’s mission are:

Develop activities to counter violence against women and children

Provide tools to help the women to fulfill themselves